EXPENSE LIST: [Food & Stay for 4 persons]

Diesel Rs. 17,200
Toll Plaza Rs. 3,990
Stay Rs. 34,350
Food Rs. 11,550
TOTAL Rs. 67,090
Cost per person Rs. 16,772
States covered in the drive:

1. Tamil Nadu
2. Karnataka
3. Maharashtra
4. Gujarat
5. Rajasthan
6. Haryana
7. Delhi
8. Uttar Pradesh
9. Bihar
10. Jharkand
11. West Bengal
12. Odisha
13. Andhra Pradesh
Major Rivers crossed during the drive:

1. Tungabhadra, Karnataka
2.Tapti, Gujarat
3.Narmada, Gujarat
4.Yamuna,Uttar Pradesh
5.Ganga, Uttar Pradesh
6.Sone, Bihar
7.Mahanadi, Odisha
8.Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
9.Vashishti, Andhra Pradesh
10.Krishna, Andhra Pradesh

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